Friday, January 20, 2012

Have You EVER Heard of CAN Syndrome!!!

Lots of information has spurred me to moving on and beginning new endeavors in my quest to reach all parents to be. As a new and exciting project is in the works, I want to continue writing about the wonderful information the researchers presented at the Stillbirth Summit last October.

Morarji Peesay, MD, FAAP is a neonatologist at Montgomery General Hospital affiliated with Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, DC. While quietly spoken, compassionate and driven to understand the long term implications of his concept: Cord Around the Neck (CAN) Syndrome, his passion for the babies he treats enables him to echo the words, “Every woman should have a stillbirth screening.”

Although there is no definitive test to detect stillbirth, Dr. Peesay is referring to his personal version of criteria, the Stillbirth Scoring System. Quite simply, when different hallmarks of his system are added up to total “9”, the potential for stillbirth exists. Various results from the Quad Marker Screen, performed between 14 and 24 weeks gestation, are also used in determining Peesay’s Scoring System.

Defined, “CAN Syndrome is a cluster of cardio-respiratory and neurological signs and symptoms associated with unique physical features that occur secondary to tight cord-round-the-neck.” Peesay points out there are cord abnormalities seen in 1/3 of all live births. He cites the definite connection through scientific research linking quadriplegic cerebral palsy with CAN Syndrome as he queries the correlation between CAN Syndrome, autism and ADHD, as well.

This paragraph is researcher heavy so please read slowly!!! Peesay states it is proven scientifically Intermittent Cord Occlusion causes low venous return in the umbilical vein which causes low H2O, low PH and increased CO2 which causes altered brain protein synthesis and degradation. WHEW!!! So, the amazing discovery is CAN Syndrome has the same brain abnormalities as Intermittent Cord Occlusion!!!

A Harvard study in 2007 identified Umbilical Cord Accidents (UCA) causing placental abnormalities as being responsible for 16% of stillbirth deaths in this study. In this study, concluded 44% of the stillbirths had unknown causes and 40% had other causes. However, a retrospective review of this study informs us, the 44% of stillbirths due to unknown causes were determined to be UCA causing placental abnormalities. Therefore, actually 42% of the original study was found to be the consequence of UCA causing placental abnormalities. WHAT!!!
Peesay explains, when there is umbilical vein compression, fetal thrombotic (FTV) vasculopathy gives the baby one of two outcomes: neurological problems or DEATH (stillbirth). Peesay queries if children living today with cerebral palsy of any degree, autism, or any neurological disorders including ADHD are the “victims” of missed umbilical cord compromises / injuries which did not result in stillbirth???
This diabolical medical uncertainty, claiming 30,000 our “littlest victims” yearly in the USA alone, remains unchanged. Quite frankly, it demands to be researched by the experts; it begs to be answered by the families…