Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Springing Ahead...

Hello to All,

I have a new page up on Facebook for the Family Advisory Council of The Star Legacy Foundation (SLF), same title as this, Families Need to Know! One of the greatest things about being pregnant these days is the information available for all the parents to be. Back in the day when I was pregnant, who knew about keeping track of your baby's movements ~ who knew about kick counting??? Today, it is a whole new day and age. The information is available for you, and there are lots of people there to help you if you don't quite understand what is presented to you.

At the SLF, we believe when you have your 20 week ultrasound, it is a good thing to have the doctor and ultrasound tech visualize the baby's placenta and umbilical cord for normalcy along with the baby's anatomy. This is the scan you will be able to see if you are having a little girl or little boy! After this scan it is time to begin to keep track of what your baby is doing. Keep a log and write down when baby is awake and moving around and when baby is sleeping. It is easy to do and fun at the same time.

My daughter in law was telling me her little son was always up from 10 pm - 11 pm. Then one night he was quiet at 10 pm - not up to his usual tricks! So, she monitored for 30 minutes (per Dr. Collin's protocol of The Pregnancy Institute) -- and after another 30 minutes - there he was - moving around. What had happened? Danielle forgot to take into account daylight savings time. It was spring so we "spring ahead." So, baby was on his own 24 hour clock and no one told him he had to "spring ahead" as well!!!

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