Thursday, August 19, 2010

AMAZING NEWS ~ Michigan House Passes STILLBIRTH / KICK COUNTING Legislation « First Candle

Amazing news promoting Kick Counting! Representative Kevin Green (R-MI) lost his sweet daughter, Skylar Anne, to stillbirth in 2007. Skylar's cause of death is unknown. Green states, "Stillbirth is an equal opportunity destroyer...Getting this information to expectant mothers early on in their pregnancy could help them prevent stillbirth. Kick counting is such a simple thing to do that could save your child's life."

This legislative measure is a huge step in stillbirth and kick counting awareness. We do know approximately 30% of stillbirths are caused by umbilical cord accidents (uca). In passing this very important piece of legislation according to Rep. Green, "It allows women to have ownership in their own healthcare by being informed about this potential risk." As we always stress to parents to be and healthcare professionals, it is all about becoming informed and being your baby's, "en utero" advocate.

Michigan House Passes Stillbirth/Kick Counting Legislation « First Candle

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