Thursday, July 8, 2010

YIKES!!! What Exactly Is Home Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring?

So ~ you and your doctor decide baby should be monitored on a daily basis for the duration of your pregnancy following your 28 week ultrasound. What now? The first thing is, "Don't panic!" The main reason for monitoring baby is to make sure baby is comfortable "en utero" with the heart rate staying normal and consistent. That means, no decelerations (decels) and no signs of premature labor ~ and ~ less stress for you knowing baby is being watched on a daily basis.

How do you monitor? You first learn to how apply the monitoring belt and how to run the monitor for 30 minutes every day. Next, you monitor baby and send the monitored reading to your doctor for a professional interpretation. Baby is followed closely and if a potential problem is noted ~ further steps may be taken if deemed necessary by your medical professional. For further information on how Home Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring works, go to The Pregnancy Institute and click on Home Fetal Monitoring. It's all part of being your baby's "en utero" advocate... 

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