Friday, November 19, 2010

King Tutankhamen ~ Call Him ~ “DAD”...

It is amazing to me to learn nestled with King Tut in his tomb were two fetuses. One was at least seven months gestation; I guess a 'stillbirth" by today's standards. The second fetus, a tinier more fragile female, was also tucked alongside her dad; I wonder, stillbirth vs. miscarriage?
Were these two little girls the pharaoh's daughters? DNA testing, to confirm true lineage, is the key needed to unlock this vexing scientific question. Although the data is somewhat incomplete, the study suggests one of the infants is truly Tutankhamen's daughter and, most likely, the second infant is as well. Whilst it was believed this King had no heirs to succeed him ~ I guess maybe he “almost” did.

Stillbirth has been around since the beginning of time. The pain and heartache associated with babies who never draw their first breath is as devastating today as it was back in the Golden Age of the Pharaohs. Educating and empowering parents to be, as well as, health care professionals with the tools to end this needless tragedy, is our goal.

Just how precious and irreplaceable is a stillborn baby to grieving parents and family? I guess we only need to look at King Tut ~ as this child king chose to embark on his journey into eternity with his two baby daughters snuggled closely by his side.

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