Thursday, January 6, 2011

See Me, Feel Me ~ The New Pregnancy "BUZZ" Phrase For 2011!!!

WOW ~ this year is going to be a brilliant one! A new website full of vital information has been launched for parents to be, as well as, health care providers. Learning the philosophy of See Me, Feel Me is an absolute must for all pregnant women.

All moms will love learning how to become their baby's "in utero" advocate. A change in baby's movements such as speeding up or slowing down could be the sign of a compromised baby. Becoming empowered through the educational and proactive measures of My Kicks Count, the possibility of the need for more advanced fetal heart rate monitoring and the knowledgeable guidance of your doctor and health care team allows you to become your baby’s “in utero” advocate.

A “Mom” with knowledge, who works proactively on her own, with her doctor and with her health care team, quietly evolves into her baby’s "in utero" advocate. Just as mammograms and colonoscopies are prevention for the masses, getting to know your baby's movements can help ensure a happy, healthy and hearty delivery day.

Feel the "BUZZ" ~ and ~ check out See Me, Feel Me ASAP!!!

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